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Yandina, QLD, 4561

The Gypsy Collective celebrates local and international
artists and designers to bring an ensemble of inspiring concepts and emotions into your home - the Gypsy collection.

Our Collective is an expressly curated group of worldwide
artists and designers who collaborate with the aim of creating
home decor and design elements of style, quality and substance, something we feel is lacking in today's society which appears driven by high consumerism and an oversupply of mass-produced and poor quality imported items.

Our products are original artwork, collected pieces and prints including:


fibre art

artwork prints (wholesale and retail

fine art photography prints (wholesale and retail)



vintage homewares 

graphic art prints (wholesale and retail)

We create and design our own in-house homewares and are a platform, for our selected artists and designers to showcase their work and share their creations.


Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.
— Camille Pissarro