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Achieving Eclecticity

Hayley Freestun

How to Achieve an Eclectic Style:

I recently saw a designers work that could easily be labelled as 'eclectic' and whilst there was definitely a variety of styles, eras and products used in the space, something just didn't sit right. 'Eclecticity' itself still needs to be well refined and carefully chosen and put together with a lot of thought. 

Individual pieces might be centuries apart and polar opposite but still need a thread tying them together. Wether that thread is hue, warmth, colour, contrast... It's almost an indescribable sense of belonging and most certainly a 'feeling' that you get as opposed to a measurable result.

Just throwing everything you like in together does not necessarily equate to a place one wants to be in nor does it create a desired sense of place. Key design principles or elements still must be at the very heart of what ever you are creating, choosing and designing, such as form, flow, function, balance, shape, colour etc. 

I love all kinds of eclectic style, the warmth it creates, the love it emits through it carefully chosen and placed objects. These are rooms with heart and soul and each one reflects an adventure and a journey of someone's life.

Create your own style | Tell your own story.

"It just happened like this..."

Hayley Freestun

Vase/Bowl Styling 🐚

I recently gave my good friend a Gypsy Collective 'Styled Centrepiece Pack' (a Vintage French Cut Glass Bowl + Gypsy Hand Picked Natural Decor) as a gift.

She did an excellent job at styling her Gypsy Pack. I showed her an image (below) of another Gypsy Collective Styled Vase I had done previously and she said to me "I love how 'random' and 'it just happened like this' your stuff looks - so effortless. But so hard to do!" And it made me think YES! It is really hard to get that natural look! (And thank you for acknowledging this my friend!) 

Working in the design industry for over a decade now, it never ceases to amaze me how much people overestimate their capabilities and underestimate how hard and time consuming 'simple' things are to create. 

One of my favourite sayings I found on a post card at GOMA is. "Modern Art = I could've done that + Yeah but you didn't" And it is SO true!  

When you realise how much is really involved behind a simple design, the process and journey taken to have been able to shed all the 'shitty' bits (which is super hard when you've just exerted a lot of thought process and energy into those redundant parts)  to be left with a minimalist 'whatever' that just 'works' but you can't put your finger on why or how... then that's your answer, someone's actually done a lot of hard work to deliver an unobtrusive and simple design... I digress... :) 

Style Me Simple 'the random ocean treasure collection' look and how to achieve it.

I usually recreate something several times before I am happy with it. You need to look at the balance of your elements and the colours, shapes and textures, even angles!

Sometimes I group elements or slowly layer them. It's all trial and error really. I also handpick every single thing I style with. New or old, collected, found or purchased.

You've just got to trust in your own creativity and then design with a sense of freedom.  

Create, observe, repeat. ✌🏼️🐚❤️

Vase Styled by The Gypsy Collective

Vase Styled by The Gypsy Collective

Bowl Table Centerpiece by The Gypsy Collective

Bowl Table Centerpiece by The Gypsy Collective

Styling by The Gypsy Collective  

Styling by The Gypsy Collective  

Styling by The Gypsy Collective  

Styling by The Gypsy Collective