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T H E  G Y P S Y


T H E  G Y P S Y  C O L L E C T I V E  |  Purveyor of Fine Things

The Gypsy Collective is a place of design, styling, collection, featured products, photography, art, restoration and creation.

The Gypsy Collective celebrates both local and international designers and creatives. A showcase of people and things I have found and made that are unique either in form, idea or drive. All Gypsy's loves have soul and substance. 

G Y P S Y  S O U L

Gypsy was my partner in crime for nearly 20 years, my beautiful dog, an Australian Red Kelpie with the wandering white feet, She and her sister Zoe were fighters till the end and adventurers, always exploring...

M O D E R N  G Y P S Y

A modern day gypsy is also who I am, it's in my soul and my very being, a need to collect, to love, to share, to create beautiful things and to wander wherever I want to, by my own rules, at my own pace.

Hayley Freestun | Owner + Creative Director